Piano/Keyboard Lessons

Play The Guitar will structure lessons according to individual age, ability and interest, ensuring all students remain motivated and inspired in their piano studies. Our focus is on more than just playing the right notes or exam scores – we encourage music students to create, record and share their music.

Learn Piano/Keyboard Basics

Piano/keyboard lessons will cover posture, hand position, piano fingering, piano/keyboard geography, warm-up exercises, tone and sound, practicing a piece and sight-reading.

Piano/Keyboard lesson structure

  • Piano posture.
  • Piano finger placement.
  • Piano keyboard keys - white notes & black notes
  • Piano keyboard keys and right hand C position.
  • Quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, rhythm, bar lines and measures.
  • Treble, bass clef and staff. Grand staff.
  • Left hand C position.
  • 4/4 Time signatures. Melodic and harmonic intervals.
  • Basic chords, 3/4 time signatures, dotted and tied notes.
  • Music rests and note values.
  • Sharp and flat signs. Half and whole steps. C, F and G major keys.
  • Triads. Minor scales and keys. Primary chords.
  • Key of E minor. E harmonic minor scale. Chromatic scale.
  • All twelve major keys.
  • Inversion of triads: root position. 1st inversion. 2nd inversion.