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We are focused on providing a friendly, professional, and expert service to busy people wanting to learn guitar and piano. If you would like to hear from some of our students what great tutors we are, Ask For References - we would be happy to provide them! Alernatively, Sign Up For A Free Lesson (Terms & Conditions apply) and see for yourself.

Callysta van Niekerk by Marina

Callysta van Niekerk

As a teacher, Callysta has been instrumental in helping her students meet their artistic needs. Callysta delights in watching students grow and succeed as musicians and artists, whether their goals are to play and sing a few songs on guitar or piano for fun, or pursuing music on a more serious note.

photo of Callysta van Niekerk by Marina

Callysta's formal training

at The Campus Of Performing Arts and private studies under Deon Kruger (The Narrow) has equipped Callysta with the knowledge in using the most effective techniques and technology in her teaching and communication, balancing the creative aspect of playing with teaching students the theory behind the instrument.

callysta van Niekerk with guitar smiling - photo by Marina

As a professional guitarist,

Callysta has toured nationally and internationally with shows and bands(SAMMA awards, Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Fest - Botswana, Rock No Rio - Angola, Castle Lite Hip-Hop HERSTORY) and regularly performs in and around Johannesburg. With significant experience in the music industry, Callysta is a firm believer in imparting tips and tricks about the finer points of pursuing a career in music to all her students.

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Her ultimate goal

is to move people with her music, and to teach them how to be the best musicians that they can be. Callysta first picked up a guitar at age 13, starting off as a self-taught musician, and later began her journey of studying to be a professional live performance guitarist.

Callysta has a passion for teaching, and tons of patience (espescially with young musicians) to accompany that passion! She continuously works on improving her own skills, as she believes that one should never become complacent in their instrument, but rather become the best version of their musical selves possible.

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